About the Project 


a1-academia is a project with the main purpose of developing and sustaining an open source Higher Education Academic Management software dubbed a1-academia.


a1-cademia's mission is to enhance the performance of Higher Education through the supply of quality, affordable academic management solution. a1-cademia is entirely focused on the academic management processes, with over 80% of our research and development effort and contracted revenues devoted to the core solution. Purpose-built for the scale and priorities of higher education institutions to support academic administrators in their activities.


Our Mission


a1-academia is a project that began with the mission of enhancing the effectiveness of institutional management by developing and supporting an innovative and integrated academic management solution called a1-academia.


We do this by building effeciencies through a shared responsibility model which allows the project to develop and mature and at the same time providing control, quality, transparency to member institutions. a1-cademia strives to provide the best-in-class academic management system for higher education that is affordable, comprehensive and a great return on investment to our member institutions.


Our collaborative approach provides our member institutions with the opportunity to be deeply involved in our collaborative development process - by participating in the roadmap definition process and prioritising new system functionality (general and country specific) and testing the features in their environments.