• Unlock your institutional enterprise potential

    Unlock your institutional enterprise potential

    Small, mid-sized or large institutions can gain operational efficiencies leveraging on cloud.

  • The affordable enterprise academic management platform for HigherEd

    The affordable enterprise academic management platform for HigherEd

    Discover how a1-academia can help you transform the experience of academic process management. 

value for less

We leverage our experience and expertise to build a great product. We work with you to unlock the value potential of your institution leveraging on our product for academic management.

scale-up expand

We take care of technical, technological and costly limitations brought about when your invest in none core activities, you repurpose your efforts to scale and grow your institution.

gain insight and visibility

A single source of truth to empower your team to make data informed decisions about your academic and financial processes and institution as a whole.


cloud ready, multi-language, new look, improved functionality


The platform has undergone substantive redesign and improvent to achieve the enterprise grade status for the cloud and enterprise offerings. We will continue to innovation path for the benefit of institutions who are onboard with the project's vision. 



The solution comprise of a detailed set of rich features and functionalities which are customizable and extendable. Leveraging on a battle tested application dictionary.


open architecture

Leverages a framework with adaptive application dictionary to customize and enhance the feature set running on top of open enterprise grade technologies.



Built to manage a multi-campus environments where campuses are geographically dispersed or operation in regions with different compliance requirements.


Capital investments in Enterprise Software or building internal capacity to develop and maintain your own academic management systems has long proved to be costly and inefficient approaches to automate and gain visibility of your academic processes, scale and grow.

Software & Systems development management is not your core business. Let us handle that component and free up resources for expansion and better management of your academic processes.



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